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Payment Policy Upon receiving confirmation from the property owner that your requested week(s) are available, we will send your lease. To secure your reservation the lease, deposit, and processing fee must be returned within the time specified on the lease above the signature line.

Your lease is considered confirmed when the landlord has signed the lease and payment has cleared. Final and/or interim payments are due in our office on the dates indicated on the first page of the lease. If a booking is made within 30 days of arrival payment in full is required.

Deposits and payments may be made by cash, check, cashier’s check, bank check, money order, or wire transfer. All checks must be made payable to “Chatham Properties Group” and payment must be paid in US funds using a US bank. Our office does accept PayPal. In most instances the bank fees associated with PayPal are the responsibility of the tenant, however there are some properties where this cost is covered by the owner. Please ask if the property you are interested in covers the PayPal fee. If you choose to rent a property using PayPal where the homeowner does not cover the bank fees a 3.5% charge of the total amount due will be added to the lease for domestic transactions. International PayPal fees will be extra. Return of security deposits in a currency other than US dollars will be at the applicable exchange rate the day the deposit is returned. Return of security deposits by wire transfer will be charged a $20.00 processing fee in addition to any applicable bank fees. Incoming and outgoing bank charges for wire transfers are the sole responsibility of the tenant.

If you have questions or do not understand any part of the payment policy please contact our office for further clarification.
Processing Fee/Security Deposit Most of our rentals have a processing fee which covers the cost of damage protection with a damage-waiver. In some instances a refundable security deposit is required and this is generally used with longer-term rentals or where special requests are accommodated. Security deposits will be returned (less any applicable charges) 30 days after your departure. The processing fee is non-refundable.

The Damage Waiver covers up to $500 of unintentional damage or accidental loss or damage that may occur during occupancy. Any damage, repair, or replacement expenses exceeding the amount of the security deposit or Damage Waiver is the responsibility of the renter. The Damage Waiver does not cover damage or loss that is not disclosed. To avoid erroneous blame, you are required to immediately notify our staff if anything is amiss when you check-in and arrive at the rental property. Prior to, or immediately upon, vacating the home, you must inform our office if there have been any incidents of loss or damage that have occurred during your occupancy.

The Damage Waiver does not replace or negate your responsibility for all members of your party as a primary renter. It does not pay for any act of intentional or negligent destruction, pet damage, re-keying, property damage resulting from vehicle use, additional cleaning if the home if left excessively dirty, or invoices associated with your rental that may be presented subsequent to your occupancy.

The Damage Waiver is offered, administered, and funded solely by Chatham Properties Group and we are solely authorized to determine the nature, extent, and expenses associated with any damage.

Chatham Properties Group checks each property prior to your arrival and at departure time. Any damages and/or excessive use found at this time will be reported to you within 72 hours and you will be billed accordingly.
Check In/Check Out Please note the check-in time on your lease. The check-in time and check-out time is strictly adhered to. Generally check-in time is at 3:00 p.m. Your rental package and keys may be picked up at our office starting 30 minutes prior to the start of your lease. Our address is:

Chatham Properties Group
720 Main Street
Chatham, MA 02633
Office: 508-945-5444

If you will be arriving at our office after 5:00 p.m. please call ahead and let us know so that arrangements can be made to have your rental package and keys available to be picked up after hours. Generally check out time is at 10:00 a.m. All keys must be dropped off at our office by 10:30 a.m. If you will be departing early keys can be left in our drop box on the right side of our office building. A $25.00 charge will incur if keys are lost or are not returned by 10:30 a.m. on the day of departure. That fee will be deducted from your security deposit or billed to you directly if you elected to be covered with a Damage Waiver. Please respect the check in/out time for others that need to clean and prepare the property.
Cleaning Policy Rentals are professionally cleaned prior to your arrival. Should excessive cleaning need to be done after your departure the charge incurred will be deducted from the security deposit or billed to you directly if you elected to be covered with a Damage Waiver. If you arrive at your home and do not find it cleaned to your satisfaction you must notify our office within 24 hours.
Cancellation If you need to cancel your lease please notify our office immediately. All cancellations must be followed up in writing. Chatham Properties Group will make every effort to re-rent your property, however we cannot guarantee re-rental. If we are able to re-rent the property you will be refunded the full amount of rent paid less a cancellation fee equal to 15% of the total rental amount. If the property cannot be re-rented then any remaining payments are still due and no refund will be issued. Chatham Properties Group reserves the right to cancel your lease if the lease and initial payment are not received within the time specified on the lease, if a deposit check is returned by the bank, or if your final payment is not received within the time indicated on your lease. The same cancellation policy will apply in this case.
Satisfaction Chatham Properties Group makes every effort to make sure that the properties we represent are accurately described. We cannot be responsible for typographical errors or changes made by owners in equipment, furniture, etc. If a tenant does not personally inspect the premises prior to signing their lease, they agree to accept the rental property as is, provided that it meets the basic standards of habitability under MA law. The tenant will not be entitled to a refund and will have no recourse against the agent or Chatham Properties Group if the property does not meet their expectations. Although we cannot guarantee the operation of all appliances we will make every effort to make sure that all equipment and appliances are in working order. Agents, authorized employees and repairmen may enter the premises for purposes associated with the repair, maintenance or care of the rental property. There will be no refunds due to mechanical failure of items deemed nonessential such as air conditioners, TV, WiFi, dishwasher, washer, or dryer. Every effort will be made by Chatham Properties Group to correct any problems in a timely manner that may arise during your stay.
Subletting Tenants are not permitted to sublet any property without prior written consent from the property owner.
Occupancy The maximum amount of people allowed, which includes infants in cribs, is set by the owner. Violation of the occupancy limit is grounds for immediate eviction and no refunds will be given if this situation arises.
Telephones Please check the rental listing to confirm if your property has a phone. The telephone number to the property is usually posted at the rental property. Should the home you are renting have a phone it may have a block for long-distance calls. Should this be the case please be prepared to use your cell phone or calling card for long distance calls.
Internet Service Not all rentals have internet service. Please check the rental listing to see if internet service is available at your rental. Refunds will not be made due to interrupted service. If your internet does not work we will provide you with assistance during our business hours. We highly recommend you bring an Ethernet cable because if your home does provide a wireless router and is not running properly you will still be able to connect to the internet through your cable. Chatham Properties Group provides wireless internet service at our office and you are welcome to stop by during our normal business hours.
Linens and Towels The majority of our rentals do not include linens and towels and the Tenant is required to supply their own. Bed sizes are posted on our web site for each rental property.
Pets Most of our rental homes do not allow pets. However, the owner may still have a pet in residence. Due to this fact an allergen-free home cannot be guaranteed. Failure to not abide by a no-pets policy by having a pet on the premises will result in immediate termination of the lease and forfeiture of all monies paid and a penalty of $500.00. If a rental is pet-friendly the tenant agrees that an extra cleaning fee will be charged. In addition, the tenant is responsible for cleaning the area around the rental property of all pet excrement and removing pet hair from the interior of the property and its furnishings prior to departure.
Lock-Out A $25.00 charge will be incurred for each instance a Tenant needs to be let into their rental. That amount will be deducted from the security deposit or billed to you directly if you elected to be covered with a Damage Waiver.
Smoking Unless stated to the contrary in your lease, smoking is not permitted in our rental properties. To avoid any misunderstanding please note that “smoking” includes the smoking of any substance and also includes vaping and any type of electronic nicotine delivery system. If evidence exists of smoking inside a non-smoking rental property the tenant will be charged an additional cleaning and ionization fee of $2,000.00. THIS IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE AND OUR POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.
Lost Items Chatham Properties Group is not responsible for lost or stolen items. A $25.00 service fee plus postal charges will be deducted from your security deposit should an item left at your rental property need to be mailed back to you.
Agency Disclosure and Property Maintenance Chatham Properties Group represents the property owner(s). Every effort will be made on our part to assist tenants, however Chatham Properties Group is a Sales and Rental Agency and the management of the rental property is the sole responsibility of the property owner.
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